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No auditions and an incredible setting for playing and performing chamber music with world renowned faculty

Being a part of the Phest Phamily means being a part of a community that is focused on joyful collaboration, empathy for one another, and excellence.

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May 25-27, 2018

Chamber music for all ages and levels, renowned faculty in a nurturing, noncompetitive environment.

Artist in Residence: The Cavani Quartet


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July 30-August 3, 2018

Chamber music festival, Jazz camp, Suzuki institute, and Suzuki Teacher Training


“The faculty are terrific. My children’s teachers are all wonderfully accomplished musicians who act as if there is nothing they would rather do than listen to small children play Twinkle variations. The atmosphere is warm and encouraging, and the musical standards are high. I like the fact that this institute seems to aim for an environment in which every child’s accomplishments are celebrated. At some institutes, one can feel as if one’s children are ‘behind’ if they’re not at a certain level by a certain age, etc. — that sort of competitiveness seems to violate the Suzuki spirit. At PhoenixPhest, I felt my children were challenged AND encouraged in about equal measure.”

Suzuki parent

“The morning discussion and yoga was great — helped me get more balanced and focused for the day ahead. I’m planning to have the girls start leading me in yoga stretches before we practice at home — so thanks for that idea! Both of them had Ronda Cole for master class, and she was simply amazing. She helped them both with technique, and gave me some great new ideas for home practice. But even more amazing was how she helped them play with more feeling and artistry. And the girls absolutely loved jazz improv with Christian Howes. There really were too many beautiful moments to list — it was a wonderful institute. Thanks for putting this on.”

Suzuki parent

“Since participating in his first Phest, my son has become quite interested in learning to teach. I think he is in awe of how much difference a really good teacher can make, both from his own personal experiences with the faculty at Phest, and also from hearing great stories from fellow phesters about their experiences. He and his fellow phesters are also inspired by YOU, Gabe, and all that you are able to bring to them through the Phests. Maybe someday, these young Padawans will be able to carry on your legacy… maybe even together as a team…. Congratulations, and please enjoy another warm fuzzy!”

Phest parent


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