2014 Phest Registration is Open!


May 23–25, 2014

If you play an instrument, you’re invited! ALL ages and levels welcome — individuals and preformed groups.

PhoenixPhest Grande

July 28–Aug 1, 2014

Chamber music camp and Suzuki institute for all ages and levels — intensive music-making in a fun, laid-back atmosphere.


What you have created in this two-and-a-half day chamber music celebration embodies everything I envisioned as my dream of what might exist throughout nationwide when I joined a few others in forming Chamber Music America some 30+ years ago. How I would love to see the PhoenixPhest model replicated across our country.
Heidi Castleman, Juilliard
I am deeply thankful that Zach had such a rewarding opportunity over the weekend. Zach being a typical boy, he is not very good at expressing himself verbally, but when I asked him how he felt about the Phest, his eyes lit up and he said “I LOVE it!!!” I think he loved being around other kids who had the same interest and the faculty who truly appreciated and understood his passion.
Phest parent
I had great expectations for the chamber festival that were even far surpassed. You have developed an exceptional festival! And I say this with four years of teaching experience at Interlochen. In your chamber festival, not only are you able to attract world class teachers but excellent young string players. The courses were also amazing (i.e. the score study class).
Phest parent & music professor
The atmosphere is warm and encouraging, and the musical standards are high. At some institutes, one can feel as if one’s children are “behind” if they’re not at a certain level by a certain age, etc. — that sort of competitiveness seems to violate the Suzuki spirit. At PhoenixPhest, I felt my children were challenged AND encouraged in about equal measure.
Suzuki institute parent

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