Thank you for supporting arts education!

Thank you!

Dear friends, thank you so much! Between the Lincoln Trio concert and #GivingTuesday you brought us almost a quarter of the way to our year-end goal in just one week! We are so grateful for your support.

If you have not yet made a tax-deductible gift this year, we hope you will consider doing so now. Please take a moment to read our annual appeal letter, written by a PhoenixPhest parent who believes, as we do, that a small music festival can change the world.



“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me,
Look for the helpers. 
You will always find people who are helping.” — Mister Rogers

Dear Friends,

I find myself looking for the helpers every day lately, and sometimes I find them in unlikely places. Like a chamber music festival.

As a parent and music teacher, I can assure you that PhoenixPhest is helping! That is why I am asking you to continue to support the vital mission of PhoenixPhest.

The Phest is a part of the answer to the troubling news we read each day. The education that my daughter and my students receive at PhoenixPhest in listening, empathy, and interconnection is absolutely crucial to their development as whole people and fine musicians.

At a time when interpersonal relationships are increasingly confined to texting and Facebook friendships, I am very grateful that my daughter has grown up with the Phests in her life, and I would like for many, many more young people to have that opportunity. Heck, I’d like for all young people to have that opportunity! I have seen firsthand that the experience of PhoenixPhest can be profoundly life-changing for both students and faculty.

We are trying to keep tuition costs within reach for as many families as possible, but tuition alone cannot pay for a program like PhoenixPhest. Our students receive lessons, classes and coaching from world-class musicians during nearly every hour of the Phests, including such luminaries as Atar Arad, Simon Fischer, Martha Katz, Nurit Pacht, Peter Salaff, Almita & Roland Vamos, Don & Vivian Weilerstein, Mimi Zweig, the Cavani and Jupiter Quartets, and jazz players Andrew Bishop, Paul Keller, Pete Siers, and Christian Howes. Amazing. Thank you for making it possible!

Cooperation instead of competition. Community instead of isolation.
Growth in artistry without ratings or auditions.

This is what we teach our students, and this is what we teach our teacher trainees, who come from all over the country to further their professional development at our Suzuki Institute. This is how we are going viral.

Can a music festival change the world? Yes. It can help.

Please continue to be one of the helpers. Send a donation to keep PhoenixPhest going, and allow us to involve as many young people and teachers as possible.

With gratitude,

Suzanne Camino, PhoenixPhest parent


PhoenixPhest 2018 — Registration is open!

May Phest

Chamber coachings for all ages & levels
World class faculty
Nurturing, noncompetitive environment
Artists in residence: The Cavani Quartet
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